Zola Wins Architectural Record Products 2017 Award

Panoramic View Lift & Slide named Architectural Record Magazine’s Record Product 2017 Winner

We are proud to announce that Zola was recently recognized by Architectural Record Magazine with the Record Products Award.  Zola received this award for its PanoramicView Lift & Slide, offering greater design flexibility, slimmer frames and improved airtightness for high-performance buildings. The operable sliding sash now has a sash width of only 3.5″ but can carry an enormous, 8′ high by 10′ wide panel of glass, offering maximized views using wide uninterrupted expanses of glass.

This is the fourth time Zola Windows has been a recipient of this prestigious award. You can read about the Award in the December 2017 issue of Architectural Record Magazine.  (click on the cover below to see the highlight)