Adjustments & Care

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help ensure many years of trouble-free operation of your Zola windows and doors. This document covers the timing and process for keeping your units working smoothly and looking new.


  • Clean glass – 2x year, or as needed
  • Clean Interior and Exterior frame – 2x year
  • Clean and lubricate operable hardware track pieces – 1x year
  • Cleaning threshold – as needed
  • Clean and inspect gaskets – 1x year

Cleaning Glass

Use a non-ammonia based cleaner with a clean micro-fiber cloth.  Start at the top of the window and work down, cleaning upper units first so any drips on lower units can be cleaned afterwards.  Avoid using a metal scraper or razor as this can damage the glass.  Wipe completely dry and be sure to remove all soap residue.  Also avoid pressure washing as this can damage insect screens and the silicone sealant around the perimeter of the glass.

Cleaning Frame

Using a mild detergent and water, clean the interior and exterior frames twice a year, or as necessary.  Remove any buildup around the silicone seal at the perimeter of the glass.  Avoid abrasive cleaners or pads as these can damage the finish on the wood or aluminum.  The wood finish can be revived with a “wood milk” product from Sigma Coatings if there are any signs of cracking or wear.  Contact us if you need this product.  Do not try to re-coat the wood frames with any other finishes, as they will not bind to the Sigma Coating.

Cleaning & Lubricating Hardware

Clean hardware with mild soap and water, and allow to completely dry before lubricating.  Use white lithium spray grease to lubricate the hardware track at the locking points, making sure to get the lubricant into the openings in the hardware track.  Grease is usually not necessary on the locking pins themselves, as this will attract debris.  For difficult to operate units, it is most likely a hardware adjustment issue. Contact us and we would be happy to give you guidance on how to fine tune the hardware if anything has settled over time.


Keep dirt and debris off the threshold, as this can damage the weather stripping.  Sweep or vacuum excess material from the threshold as needed, and wipe clean with a wet rag.  If the door is digging into the threshold there may be debris stuck on the door, or it could need adjustment.  Call us for adjustment instructions.


Clean gaskets will ensure that the sash seals tightly to the frame.  Using mild soap and water, thoroughly clean the gaskets with a microfiber cloth.  You can re-dress the gaskets with a silicone spray, but be sure to apply this to the rag rather than the gasket directly, as any overspray can affect the finish.