Modern Doors

A fusion of design flexilbility and thermal performance.
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Modern Doors


Ultimate design flexibility and clean, flush appearance make modern doors the architect's choice. Alternatively, choose from our range of expertly pre-designed doors, including our bespoke line of doors designed by architect Tessa Smith.


All of our modern door designs start out with a flat, seamless panel. Materials and glass portions are then inlaid to create the desired design. Modern doors have unmatched performance as they can have even higher performance infills, including vacuum insulation. In wood and clad wood modern doors, Zola offers either custom designs based on drawings, pictures or sketches or, alternatively, a range of pre-designed, beautiful doors. For aluminum panel doors we exclusively offer a range of expertly designed options.

  • Clean, seamless modern panels
  • Zola high performance core with vacuum insulated option
  • Locking hardware includes 3 steel hooks plus deadbolt for ultimate security