Glass Doors

Simplicity and beauty in an entrance door.
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Glass Doors


Beloved by Zola customers for their simplicity and beauty, glass doors are used for side and back doors as well as front doors.


With a maximum size of 4' in width and 10' in height (smaller limits apply to PVC doors), glass doors can make for big and bold but easy-to-use entrances to homes, exits to balconies, or the back yard. Zola's glass doors come with everything you expect from a Zola product: multi-point, high security steel hook locks, European lock cylinders, 3D-adjustable hinges, high performance thresholds including ADA options and outstanding tightness and insulation.

  • Match construction and look of window package
  • High performance thresholds available, with ADA options
  • Locking hardware includes 3 steel hooks plus deadbolt for ultimate security