Forbes: This Real Estate Developer Has A Passion For Sustainability

With a passion for sustainability, Veronica Mainetti, President of Sorgente Group of America, is committed to developing and restoring buildings that are both luxurious and environmentally conscious. She has traveled around the globe from Greenland to Vermont in order to learn about climate change and find new, energy-efficient ways to create projects that are truly green.

Mainetti poses in front of her 60 White Project with Edwin Cruz of Signature Metal. (Photo by Neil Leach)

Mainetti is the majority stakeholder in New York City’s iconic Flatiron Building and a successful developer of 60 White, a loft building in Tribeca. Under her leadership, Sorgente Group acquired the Fine Arts building in Los Angeles in mid-2012 and the Clock Tower in Santa Monica in 2013. She currently is creating a documentary about the development of 60 White titled “Giglio on White,” which highlights her passion for preservation and sustainability.

“At the heart of all my work is a desire to restore buildings that are not only iconic but also reflective of their surrounding neighborhoods, all in a way that is healthy for the world,” Mainetti said. “I feel that preserving and restoring what has already been built in the past is a sustainable, responsible use of resources.  Restoration has the ability to better not just buildings, but our neighborhoods, the economy and, ultimately, our environment.”

Mainetti believes in redevelopment as a key to sustainability. (Photo by Giulio Mainetti)

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The project features Zola American Heritage SDH (simulated double hung) windows that are a leading solution for landmarked and other historically significant buildings. This sliding sash style window has been approved by many historic preservation commissions, including Brooklyn and Manhattan Commissions.