American Heritage SDH


Zola’s American Heritage SDH (Simulated Double Hung) is a leading solution for landmarked and other historically significant buildings. Historically authentic, yet perfect for high performance retrofits, the American Heritage SDH boasts industry-leading airtightness and thermal performance, coupled with craftsmanship that is befitting of even the most detail-oriented and careful of historic restorations. Successfully integrated into historic, high performance landmark projects across the United States, this sliding sash style window has been approved by many historic preservation commissions, including Brooklyn and Manhattan Commissions.

"We had four issues to contend with on this project while searching for the perfect window – NYC Landmarks approvals, Passive House standards, cost and beauty. Most windows can achieve two out of these four requirements but finding a window that met all proved to be a challenge. Zola was the only one that met the challenge[...]."

Gita Nandan, thread collective

""I have to say, Zola did a great job on Laura & Robert’s windows and doors. They are very well made, and were exactly as specified for both dimension and function. As you know, their performance is a key reason that their house required - no - heating last winter, and that was a cold one.""

Louis Mackall, Architect

A selection of Zola American Heritage SDH projects:

  • Brooklyn Passive House

    Brooklyn Passive House

    Residential, Zola American Heritage SDH, Zola Portfolio, Zola Thermo Clad
  • McKeesport Housing

    McKeesport Housing

    Commercial, Zola American Heritage SDH, Zola Portfolio, Zola Thermo uPVC
  • 8th Street Passive House

    8th Street Passive House

    Residential, Zola American Heritage SDH, Zola Portfolio, Zola Thermo Wood
  • Upper West Side

    Upper West Side

    FSC®-Certified Pine, Meranti Wood, Residential, Zola American Heritage SDH, Zola Portfolio, Zola Thermo Clad



historic windows meet their match

The American Heritage Simulated Double Hung is a replica-quality tribute to the iconic Historic Double Hung Window. It has been engineered for historic restorations to include a lower Tilt & Turn and a Fixed upper that provide outstanding performance, all while maintaining the style and proportions of a traditional double hung or sliding sash window.

Historic Preservation Approved

brooklyn and manhattan commissions

Zola's American Heritage SDH (Simulated Double Hung) is for landmarked and other historically significant buildings.  Successfully integrated into historic, high performance landmark projects across the United States, this sliding sash style window has been approved by many historic preservation commissions, including Brooklyn and Manhattan commissions.

Exceptional Acoustics

51 dB soundproofing

With its triple seals and top of the line, low-iron European glass, the Zola's line of Simulated Double Hung (SDH) windows offers superior acoustic performance.  For increased sound protection, Zola also offers the window with custom asymmetrical glazing, which provides up to 51 decibels (dB) of soundproofing performance.

Tilt & Turn Operability

tilt & turn lower sash

The lower part Zola's Simulated Double Hung (SDH) windows has the ability to tilt in for ventilation.  It can also turn in, allowing for easy cleaning. This dual tilt-and-turn mechanism is standard in European windows. The upper portion is fixed to increase the energy performance of the unit. Engineered with Zola's fully adjustable hardware, the SDH operates smoothly, functionally, and effortlessly.


High R-Values

superior energy performance

These windows feature R-11 glass and triple gasket air seals. Double hung windows, which are very common in older buildings, present a major challenge to architects and builders aiming to significantly improve energy efficiency in historic buildings while preserving their architectural heritage. Zola's SDH is a ground-breaking innovation providing the solution to both goals.

Passive House Compatible

suitable even for most stringent standards

The combination of its high R-values, triple gasket system and fine craftsmanship render the American Heritage SDH suitable for high performance retrofits, including the stringent Passive House standard.

Entry Doors

a complete historic windows and doors package

Complementing the SDH Window, the Zola Historic series offers custom-crafted, replica entry doors to match the architectural style of your historic building.  Zola's team of historic project experts will work with you to custom design a luxury entrance door that complements your simulated double hung window packages and harmonizes with the rest of the building.

German Precision Hardware

german-engineered hardware

Every Zola Simulated Double Hung (SDH) window features premium tilt & turn, German-engineered hardware for smooth and reliable operation.  Concealed hinges and marine-grade hardware are also available.  Standard handle options are available in a number of colors.

Enabling Design

Zolini Handles

Custom cast bronze handles you can design

Besides our standard and upgraded handles, you can order your windows with Italian hand-made, solid bronze Zolini handles. The ultimate in luxury, these handles can be made per your custom design and finished in oil-rubbed bronze and antique bronze. We can also hand plate your handles with silver.

Stain and Paint

Stain and paint options to fit your design

All units come fully finished with stain or solid paint. Zola is proud to offer Zola NakedTM Wood, our proprietary finish that looks and feels like untreated wood while being fully protected (shown, pine on top and oak below). Beyond this, a wide range of stain colors is available, and if you prefer a solid paint, you can make your selection from over three hundred shades.

Our woods

Our woods make our windows

Careful wood selection is paramount to making a great window. We use pine, fir, larch, European white oak, meranti (asian mahogany) and sapele (african mahogany) to make our windows. All our European woods are dense grain, northern species. Each frame is made out of three to four laminations of wood for unsurpassed durability, fit and finish.

Explore our options:

Hardware options

Zola offers a wide selection of hardware options to match your style. Our standard handles are aluminum handles with a metallic finish of your choice. Many customers upgrade to our modern stainless steel handle or our timeless chrome handle. For the very finest selection, consider our Zolini handles. These hand crafted handles are made in Italy, of finest Bronze cast in a traditional mold. Designs span from classic to modern, and finishes can be rubbed (a customer favorite), plated in real silver, or aged. The Zolini designs shown here are only a small selection of what is available. In fact, you can even design your own handles and we create a mold for you.

Hinge options

Zola strongly recommends concealed (hidden) hinges for tilt&turn windows. If 180 degrees of opening angle are required, we need to use classic hinges with a plastic hinge cap. For very large openings, typically over 28sqft, a heavy duty hinge system ,as shown, is required. This hinge does not utilize hinge caps and is crafted from metal in a modern design, available in silver only.

On doors, we typically use three to four hinges, hinge caps allow you to adjust the color to match your decor. Stainless steel hinges or hidden hinges for doors are available on request.

Divided lites and simulated divided lites

Zola offer a wide variety of simulated and actual divided lites. True divided lites separate the glass. Simulated divided lites do not actually divide the glass, but are a glued on bar on the inside and outside (in the case of an aluminum clad window, it would be an aluminum profile on the outside and a wood profile from the inside) as well as a spacerbar between the glass panes, giving the illusion of a true divided lite. This is the most common option. Note that in some high altitude locations and window sizes the spacer bars have to be omitted.

Divided lites, whether true or simulated,  add significant cost to your window package, depending on frequency and layout. Cost increases of 30% are not uncommon. Consider using less or no divided lites and enjoy an uninterrupted view out of your window. A lower cost alternative is to use stick on bars (same as divided lite bars but without the spacer) or dividing bars solely between the glass panes, however, these solutions do not look as good as true or simulated divided lites.

Wood species

Zola offers a wide selection of fine woods for your window and door package. For the American Heritage SDH, our standard wood is dense grain European Pine, and we recommend upgrading to our premium Meranti wood from Malaysia. Finger jointed is standard for Pine, and while you can upgrade to clear at a small charge, the finger joints are hard to detect on any darker stains. Meranti always comes with a clear (non jointed) surface. For other upgraded wood options, we offer Larch,  European Oak and Sapele. If you have custom wood needs, please contact our team.


wood species


wood species
Wood stains

Zola ships all windows fully finished, either stained or painted. This way, we can make sure to protect every nook and cranny, as we spray in a temperature controlled booth prior to installing hardware, cladding or glass. The result is a superior, even and highly durable finish. If you choose to have your windows painted, you can select any RAL color or submit a chip for a custom color. For stains, please select any of Zola’s beautiful water based stains below. We especially recommend the Zola Naked TM stain for a matte, unfinished look that offers full protection.


For Tilt & Turn windows, we recommend our snap in, aluminum framed screens.  The frame will be color matched to your cladding (it is shown in white in the picture for clarity), and the corners are miter cut and precision jointed, eliminating plastic connectors that break easily.  The screen is easy to remove in winter from the inside. Seen from the inside, the screen frame does not impede on the glass area, except in the Panoramic View line of windows. For the screen mesh we use Phifer UltraVue, the clearest mesh we can find on the market today.


For single or double swing doors we recommend either our roll-to-the -side or pleated screen system. The pleated system is more expensive, but preferred by most customers, because the threshold added to guide the screen is only approximately 5/16″ high, and the look matches the lift slide pleated screen better.  Because either system stashes to the side, you never need to see the screen mesh when you don’t need it, which makes these screens much more desirable than a screen door.


For Lift and Slide doors we can also offer our factory fitted rolling screen frames. These frames are the size of a door panel, and roll over the fixed part of the sliding door when not in use. The screen mesh is Phifer Ultravue, the clearest mesh we can find on the market today. If you prefer to not see your screen mesh unless it is in use, we instead recommend our pleated or electrically operated roll down screen detailed below.


The pleated screen system for Lift and Slide doors, BreezepanelTM folding wall systems, and large swing doors. This pleated screen can be up to 11′ high, and stows in a small pocket to the side. Up to 16′ of screen can disappear into one side, allowing for a total of 32′ of opening if screens are stowed both to the left and right. These screens are fitted by our technicians after install. Purchase of a Zola Tech service visit with your window package is required if you opt for these screens. Smaller lift slide or Breezepanel openings that are up to 8′ high and 10′ wide are shipped pre-mounted and feature a low profile, 5/16″ threshold.


The electrically operated, Zola roll down screen provides utmost luxury and flexibility. The screen can be up to 10’6″ high and 15′ wide, and the frame pieces will be color matched to your window.  When ordered at the time of placing your window order, these screens can be installed on your window units at the factory (please note that oversized doors that ship as knock-down kits may require partial assembly of the screen system as well).

Safety Glazing

Safety glazing refers to glass that minimizes bodily injury in the case of breakage. This can be achieved by either tempering glass, or laminating glass. Tempered glass is incredibly strong, and if it breaks, breaks into thousands of small crumbles. A good example of tempered glass are the side windows of a car. Laminated glass consists of several sheets of glass, glued togehter with a plastic film in between. If broken, it shatters but stays in place (think windshield of a car). As a standard, Zola recommends and uses tempered glass where required. In a safety glass package, all panes must be tempered or laminated.

Sound proofing

Your home should be your sanctuary. Our high quality, European-manufactured glass and triple sealed frames provide a level of sound dampening of outdoor noise pollution that is exceptional on the North American market. Noise mitigation is particularly important inbuildings near busy streets or highways, train stations, and airports. Whether you are concerned with minor sound dampening or you live in an urban environment where the highest acoustical performance is required, we are sure to have a glass solution that fits your needs.

We use asymmetrical glass assemblies containing one or more laminated glass panes to tailor the sound dampening to your needs.


Security in windows and doors against break ins requires strong hardware and burglar resistant glass. Even our standard multi point locking packages are no match for most thieves, but we can upgrade your window packages with even more locking points and highly crowbar resistant interlocking hardware assemblies at a low upcharge. Glazing can also be customized to prevent break ins and many types are tested to withstand specific tools or even firearms.

Privacy glass

Please find our selection of privacy glass options below. Custom designs in matte glass are also available. Please note that not all privacy glass options are available in oversized glass.

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