Whole house window and door packages

Zola provides window and door packages for the entire project, including entrance doors, tilt and turn windows and our BreezePanel TM folding window walls. Explore what you can do with Zola in the 'solutions' dropdown above.

Windows to match any design and project type

Zola's exhaustive lineup ensures that we have an outstanding solution for every project. We design and manufacture aluminum clad wood windows, steel windows, historic wood windows, aluminum windows, and uPVC windows. This way we can help with almost any project, whether you are building your dream home or developing a large apartment complex. Find the Zola lineup under the 'lines' dropdown above.

Experience and Reliability

With hundreds of completed projects and satisfied customers from coast-to-coast, Zola is the leading provider of European windows and doors in North America. Our team of sales, architectural and service professionals is headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We work closely with our customers to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of our passive house windows and doors in projects near and far- whether it’s here in Colorado, in an urban locale like New York City- or beyond.

Because craftsmanship matters.

Our customers are passionate about creating exceptional buildings that stand the test of time and provide years of enjoyment and comfort for their families and guests. They are not interested in cutting corners or sacrificing quality. One Zola customer tells his story.

      A selection of completed Zola projects:

European Windows Consultation

Work with our experienced team of Project Managers to find the best window solution for you

We specialize in being involved. Involved in the design phase of your project, where our team of project managers can add value – by consulting, advising, and evaluating window solutions. We help our customer to maximize their views, eliminate outdoor noise, and increase indoor – outdoor access and fluidity. We will guide you to find the best layout of sliding, pocketing and folding walls while keeping the budget in mind.

And we understand energy efficiency. As the largest non-domestic supplier of Passive House windows, we have learned the details of what makes houses truly efficient – and with it highly comfortable.

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