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Zola provides window and door packages for the entire project, including entrance doors, tilt and turn windows and our BreezePanel TM folding window walls. Explore what you can do with Zola in the 'solutions' dropdown above.

Windows to match any design and project type

Zola's exhaustive lineup ensures that we have an outstanding solution for every project. We design and manufacture aluminum clad wood windows, steel windows, historic wood windows, aluminum windows, and uPVC windows. This way we can help with almost any project, whether you are building your dream home or developing a large apartment complex. Find the Zola lineup under the 'lines' dropdown above.

Experience and Reliability

With hundreds of completed projects and satisfied customers from coast-to-coast, Zola is the leading provider of European windows and doors in North America. Our team of sales, architectural and service professionals is headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We work closely with our customers to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of our passive house windows and doors in projects near and far- whether it’s here in Colorado, in an urban locale like New York City- or beyond.

A Customer’s Story.

Our customers are passionate about creating exceptional buildings that stand the test of time and provide years of enjoyment and comfort for their families and guests. They are not interested in cutting corners or sacrificing quality. One Zola customer tells his story.

      A selection of completed Zola projects:

European Windows Consultation

Work with our experienced team of Project Managers to find the best window solution for you

We specialize in being involved. Involved in the design phase of your project, where our team of project managers can add value – by consulting, advising, and evaluating window solutions. We help our customer to maximize their views, eliminate outdoor noise, and increase indoor – outdoor access and fluidity. We will guide you to find the best layout of sliding, pocketing and folding walls while keeping the budget in mind.

And we understand energy efficiency. As the largest non-domestic supplier of Passive House windows, we have learned the details of what makes houses truly efficient – and with it highly comfortable.

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"Working with Zola Windows has been a stunningly positive experience. Zola offers vastly superior service and responsiveness over any other window provider I have worked with. The price is feasible, the windows are stunning, and the performance is everything a Certified Passive House consultant could hope for, not to mention the color options that come standard, it's enough to make an architect's heart sing…"

Tessa Smith, Artisans Group

"We have had a terrific experience with Zola Windows. Our latest Passive House project in Santa Fe, NM called for custom color on all windows with one picture window being exceptionally large. The windows arrived on time, on budget and the client loves the color! We highly recommend Zola's on-site service call. Zola sent an technician and with his expertise the windows and exterior doors were set quickly and passed the Blower Door Test with a 0.4 @ 50 Pascal. We highly recommend the product and the company and look forward to working with them more in the future. In our opinion, the price and performance are unbeatable."

Vahid Mojarrab, Wamo Studio

"We used the Zola ThermoPlus Clad line, because it offers the best performance to price ratio, and the clients love real wood windows. You can see the European craftsmanship, feel how solid they are, and their triple gaskets provide excellent air tightness."

Joaquin Karcher, Zero E Design

"These windows clearly have the engineering, quality, and performance that is far superior to any North American brand we have seen thus far."

Chris Price, Park City Design + Build

"Every person who has seen these windows is utterly dumbstruck that a window could move like that. It will be an easy sell for our future projects."

Chris Price, Park City Design + Build

"We had four issues to contend with on this project while searching for the perfect window – NYC Landmarks approvals, Passive House standards, cost and beauty. Most windows can achieve two out of these four requirements but finding a window that met all proved to be a challenge. Zola was the only one that met the challenge[...]."

Gita Nandan, thread collective

"We love tilt-turn windows! And we are very happy that they are finally getting traction in the states. The versatility of the tilt-turn in is really important, allowing for a wide variety of options for air flow. Clients are not opposed to them – in the past it has been a lack of access to windows that offer this option."

Gita Nandan, thread collective

"The ThermoPlus triple-glazed clad wood [were among my favorite products], for the durable clad exteriors and beautiful wood interiors, the exceptional energy performance, the ability to provide very large sizes, and the competitive pricing."

Jeff Stern, In Situ Architecture

"The tilt-turn windows are the best — they’re versatile and function well for every need. …We love the fact that we can open them to get a breeze without having a window swung into the house. They’re also a point of interest for our guests, many of whom have never seen tilt-turn windows and think it’s a brilliant idea, as do we."

Stephanie Farris, homeowner

"We love our Zola windows…that really is the truth…we cannot buy windows that have this quality for this price made in the States and we think they add great value to the project."

Laura Nettleton, Thoughtful Balance

"I have used tilt turn windows for almost 20 years and I enjoy the air flow that you get through a home by the tilt feature. This provides a wonderful convection air stream and most owners are amazed at the tilt swing option of the doors."

Jarrod Denton, Signum Architecture

"Zola windows are the first windows we’ve ever had that we can sit in front of in the winter and not feel cold, even when it’s -15 degrees outside. Our friends have serious 'window envy' when they see our Zola windows and doors."

Susie Crane, homeowner

"It’s important to have a supplier that responds to issues and changes during installation. The Zola tech support team was always available and offered excellent support even after installation. The windows and doors are beautiful. The hardware is incredible. The Breeze Panel bi-folds for large openings operate with ease."

Rick Robertson, Six Degrees Construction

"Zola provides an excellent product and support for the Passive House Community. The best part, they make a daunting process simple. Love the support after installation, this is a sign of a sure winner."

Rick Milburn, Passiv Works

""I have to say, Zola did a great job on Laura & Robert’s windows and doors. They are very well made, and were exactly as specified for both dimension and function. As you know, their performance is a key reason that their house required - no - heating last winter, and that was a cold one.""

Louis Mackall, Architect

"Working with Zola, we have been able to successfully help our clients install higher performance Euro windows here in Colorado, even at high altitudes. With Zola, we can provide the client with pricing they can afford, the color and finish options they want as well as give the builder the support they expect to get the windows in correctly and on budget."

Brian Fuentes, fuentesdesign

"I had heard of Zola windows before my purchase, and had even seen them in a home, but the beauty and craftsmanship of my new windows is truly beyond my expectations. They are unique in operation, and add a surprising dimension to a home. The [Zola] team is both professional and friendly, and facilitated a seamless purchase and delivery. For a high performance window Zola is the best!"

Jim Nietmann

"Beautiful windows, easy to work with, high quality, pleasure installing them in our wall panel system. Thank you for making the install a quick and easy process! It was great to work with Zola (Marc and Florian!) Easy to ask questions, always quick to respond; even through multiple revisions. We really enjoyed the process, and working with you guys. Thank you!"

Dave Levasseur, Bensonwood

"In 2011 CASL began working with Zola to source windows that would help us meet the rigorous Passive House standards at our project home. The staff at Zola was incredibly generous with their time and expertise and the windows are beautiful! With support from Zola, CASL completed the installation of our windows in April of 2013 and they are a showpiece of the house! They are the first thing people comment on and a highlight of our tour of the home. Students, neighbors and designers collectively 'ahhhh' when we demonstrate the tilt-turn feature and are impressed with how beautiful the wood is. Additionally, the windows perform; they have made the house warm in winter, cooler on hot spring days and unbelievable quiet inside. Thanks to Zola for their generosity and being part of the CASL story!"

Rebecca Seward, University of Oregon-CASL

"We are absolutely in love with the way our windows turned out. It is a joy to visit the site and be inspired by the artistry of the windows. They are the most noticeable feature of the house and serve as functional sculpture, just the way I hoped they would. Thank you for all the help you gave us in the decision-making stage."

Elaine and Ned Griffin, Homeowners

"The essence of the home is the connection between the architecture and the landscape, which allows natural light and fresh air deep into each space. The home's large windows and movable walls facilitate this connection and make it a place where the rhythms of the day are felt and the benefits of natural lighting and natural ventilation minimize the home's environmental impact. The solidity of the windows and doors, made possible by the oak frames and triple pane panels, enhances the durability of the home and give it a permanence that is essential to any notion of sustainability."

Mark Gillem, The Urban Collaborative

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