Sunshine Canyon House

"Our architect recommended Zola European Windows and Doors. He had them in his own home, and we were able to see samples. Second, the u-value being better than any windows made in North America was the big selling point for us. And yes, they performed as hoped. We have big glass windows and they really keep the cold out in the winter! We added solar shades for the daylight. This system provides passive heating and cooling which makes the rooms more comfortable and keeps our energy consumption lower." – Brooke W., homeowner

"Zola’s large windows and doors provide unhindered views of the surrounding mountains and make this home outstanding. The outstanding craftsmanship of the product is beautiful to look at, and their performance and easy operation make them ideal for controlling air flow and ventilation. This house will have a substantial reduction in energy use because of these high quality, thermally insulated windows and doors." – Roger Sims, Natural Homes, LLC

Configurations at Sunshine Canyon House include:

Tilt & Turn
Glass Doors