Skidmore Passivhaus

Skidmore Passivhaus merges contemporary design with the highest level of energy efficiency. Providing a true live/work condition, two separate buildings create a unique indoor/outdoor space between. High levels of insulation, airtight construction (tested at 0.32ACH50), high performing triple glazed Zola windows, and a super-efficient heat recovery ventilator allow the structure to meet the stringent requirements of the Passive House (aka Passivhaus) standard.

"While the lift and slide door is amazing and so easy to operate, I really love the tilt and turn balcony door. It’s a key part of our cooling strategy in the summer and allows us to use the door tilted open for ventilation while remaining locked and secure. The tilt-turn windows have many benefits including the ability to use external blinds for shading while still allowing the windows to open for ventilation, and the ability to tilt open for ventilation while remaining completely secure. They also make cleaning a breeze." Jeff Stern, In Situ Architecture

Configurations at Skidmore Passivhaus include:

Tilt & Turn
LiftSlide Doors
Glass Doors