Pumpkin Ridge Passive House

The homeowners of Pumpkin Ridge Passive House wanted to create the greenest house they could afford while keeping it logical, functional and comfortable. Every green characteristic had to have a good return and contribute to the overall livability of the home. Zola ThermoPlus Clad windows delivered superior performance and functionality to the project.

"The Zola windows and doors are a huge plus as they allow for gorgeous views without any thermal bridging and provide extra insulation from the elements. They’re beautiful, yet also an essential part of the function of our Passive House. The tilt-turn windows are the best. They’re versatile and function well for every need. We love the fact that we can open them to get a breeze without having a window swung into the house. Our large Zola lift slider glass door leads to our deck." – Bryan and Stephanie F., homeowners

Configurations at Pumpkin Ridge Passive House include:

Tilt & Turn
Glass Doors