Love Shack

The overall goal of this design was to keep the design footprint small at 600 sq ft, and the views grand. Covered with a metal panel system, it’s a rustic yet high-tech cabin nestled in the woods for the 21st century. High up in the treetops with views for over thirty miles, the three-story “Love Shack” is designed and built with minimal impact on the surrounding pristine forest. Located in Robbinsville, North Carolina this modern mountain cabin is surrounded by the iconic Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains, with incredible views of Lake Fontana.

The owner is a conservationist who wanted to preserve the nearby trees and create an energy-efficient house with a small carbon footprint. Elements such as solar design, triple-pane Zola windows, energy-efficient appliances, a rainwater catchment system that supplies all the water and healthier eco-friendly materials – repurposed bowling alley lanes for countertops and recycled wood used throughout – are just a few of the sustainable features incorporated into this innovative design approach.

2016 Best in American Living Awards - "Best in Region"

Configurations at Love Shack include:

LiftSlide Doors
Tilt & Turn
Glass Doors