Island Passive House

  • San Juan Islands, WA
    ThermoPlus Clad™
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The Shaw Island House is a magnificent retreat pavilion in the San Juan islands. Designed and built by the Artisans Group of Olympia, WA, this Passive House features glass walls on three side, connecting occupants with the home's remarkable natural setting.

"We are absolutely in love with the way our windows turned out. It is a joy to visit the site and be inspired by the artistry of our windows. They are the most noticeable feature of the house and serve as a functional sculpture just the way I hoped they would. Thank you to Zola for all the help you gave us in the decision-making stage." – The Griffins, owners of Island Passive House

"Working with Zola Windows has been a stunningly positive experience. Zola offers vastly superior service and responsiveness over any other window provider I have worked with. The price is feasible, the windows are stunning, and the performance is everything a certified Passive House consultant could hope for, not to mention the color options that come standard. It’s enough to make an architect’s heart sing." – Tessa Smith, Artisans Group

Configurations at Island Passive House include:

Tilt & Turn
Modern Doors
Glass Doors