Creek Drive

An age-old architectural question is how to add a structure to an existing building and to do so in a way that is cohesive and even eloquent.  For this project, the client commissioned a modern addition to their traditional 1920s brick house. The architect proposed modern bookends that, through contrast, would serve to magnify the original home.

Material selection developed over time but was influenced by the owner directing the architect to order our Zola (Classic Plus Clad triple glazed II, Quadrat, F9 titanium) windows. This decision locked in a charcoal window color (RAL 7016) which became the chief influence in the remaining palette, including the brick and interior paint color. The black and white distinctions set up a rule which found relief in the medium tone of the wood flooring and wood treatment to the stairs. The result is a home of contrasts, seamlessly knit together for comfort, aesthetics and performance.

Glass Doors
LiftSlide Doors
Tilt & Turn