Qualified Remodeler: Open the Door

Qualified Remodeler November 2018 Issue: Open the Door

By Kacey Larsen

The entry door market is not lacking in options and solutions. Manufacturers are going further with customizable choices, additional performance attributes and yet still more to come. The November 2018 issue shares a few insights with several door manufacturers into their market strategies as well as what may be coming.

Since its founding in 2011, Zola European Windows has offered entry doors to complement its window and sliding door packages. Florian Speier, vice president and head of product development, explains the company’s four styles of entry doors reflect four approaches to design. The four styles Speier details are Glass Entry Doors, Rail & Style Doors, Custom Modern Doors and Custom Historic Doors.

We love providing the whole window/door package, so the entrance door is often the fun part as it is rare that we have to put a damper on creativity,” he says. “All our customers work with a dedicated Zola Project Manager, and on complicated projects Zola will add a staff architect to the team. The discussion on entrance doors typically starts with the designer or customer supplying images or sketches of what they have in mind, and then we produce matching shop drawings.”

While custom designs are the norm for Zola, there is a trend toward brightly colored entry doors as well as toward mid-century designs, Speier notes. Additionally, “the push to bigger and bigger doors in definitely there. Zola caps in at 10 feet, because we are committed to airtight and well-sealing doors that function smoothly for decades,” he adds. “Pivot doors are especially popular in larger sizes, but it does require a well-protected entranceway to make this work.”

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