FHB House Video: A Modern Exterior

The standing-seam metal and the Zola tilt-turn windows contribute to the aesthetic and to the performance of the house

FHB House Video: A Modern Exterior

In the third installment of the 2018 Fine Homebuilding House video coverage we take a look at the windows and doors chosen for the house and standing-seam metal roofing and cladding. The triple-pane, Passive House-certified Zola Thermo Clad Tilt & Turn windows provide overall R-7 performance, but their most important aspect is their air-tightness. The Atmosphere Design Build team has used Zola windows and doors in the past and found the multiple gaskets used on operable windows and doors helps the team meet their 0.6 ACH50 air-sealing target.

The metal roofing and cladding is a low-maintenance, sensible choice in an area with the threat of wildfires. They selected Vintage by Steelscape metal for its aged Zinc appearance and Bridger Steel formed the panels and custom profiles for the transitions so the modern, machined look carries from roof to walls.

Click on the cover below to read the entire feature in the November 2018 issue of Fine Homebuilding Magazine.