Energy Design Update Features Zola’s New Thermo Alu75

Zola’s new Thermo Alu75 was selected for inclusion in the March 2017 edition of Energy Design Update, an industry-leading monthly publication on energy-efficient housing.  Check out the article here.

The Thermo Alu75 delivers tremendous value in a triple pane, thermally broken aluminum system. With R-11 glass standard and R-15 quad glass optional, Thermo Alu75 can be offered in extremely large sizes. It is available as a Tilt & Turn window as well as Lift & Slide, french and entry doors.

The frame incorporates a three-chamber thermal break, creating a barrier in between the inside and outside window frames that will reduce thermal transmission and enhance insulating ability. The end result is superior interior comfort and energy savings. Combined with its multiple lock systems and triple air seals, the window exceeds Energy Star requirements by over 50%.

With the install option to embed part of the frame in the wall leaving only two inch of frame visible from the exterior for an operable window and 1/8″ for a fixed window, the Thermo Alu75 is the design choice for the slender modern look, without compromising performance. Each window and door is entirely custom manufactured and can be configured into a wide variety of combinations. Available in a variety of frame profiles to match the aesthetics of the project-in-styles, ranging from ultra-modern to classic. A color palette of over 300 options, with an array of custom textures and effects complements the design flexibility.