Case Study: Delphi House

At 2,250 sf, Delphi House is a Pacific Northwest Modern Passive House and a calm breath of fresh air.

Set in a location of soaring Western Washington views, Delphi House is designed and built by Artisans Group to revel in its environment and be a responsive healthy modern home. It is the winner of the PHIUS 2017 Best Single Family Passive House, Best Project by a Young Professional and most recently, the Gold Award (Green) from the 2018 Professional Builder Magazine Design Awards.

Built to the rigorous Passive House standard, this energy efficient home features an integrated whole house HRV that keeps the air fresh and comfortable. Graceful Aging In Place and Universal Design means this home stays a home.

Delphi is a home for whole health; it’s sustainable design for their clients and the land they love.

* Long term mobility, fall protection and a redirection and use of natural light were critical programmatic needs.

* Large cedar clad soffits extend into the home to reflect and diffuse direct sunlight onto the ceiling and cast a warming glow without intense direct light or overheating.

* Resilient cork floors offer the health benefits of solid surface cleanliness and provide a softer and more shock absorbent surface than hardwood or concrete.

* Zola Windows and doors that feature ample glass and showcase views of Mt. St Helens and Mt. Rainier.

The home features Zola’s Classic Clad line of windows and doors, offering thermal performance that far exceed most domestic windows. This line is an excellent choice for energy-efficient projects that are not seeking the highest levels of performance, but still appreciate the beauty and durability of a fine, custom-crafted window. Featuring a 68mm deep frame and double glazing.

The project also installed Zola’s Thermo Clad line of windows and doors. This product line hits the sweet spot in terms of value, performance, and craftsmanship, and is Zola’s most popular seller. Zola’s Thermo Clad features a 88mm deep frame and triple glazing.

Zola’s Modern Entry Doors can be fully designed and built to your specifications.

Delphi House is about enjoying today and tomorrow.

Photography by: Poppi Photography

The customer loved their new windows so much, they named their new pooch Zola!

The Artisans Group specializes in building and remodeling some of the finest eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes in the Seattle, Olympia and Portland area. They are an eclectic band of uniquely talented Pacific Northwest architects, designers, craftsman, and managers with a shared passion for home design. Passive Houses are its niche, and they provide the simplest solutions to guarantee comfort and durability in home design while providing soulful beauty. This design philosophy is a dedication you can feel and a finesse in architecture that always proves stunning.