Builder Magazine: Passive Within Reach

Builder Magazine January 2019: Passive Within Reach

New modular systems, lower-cost products, and consumer interest in energy efficiency are bringing a 30-year-old German-based construction method into the mainstream. While its early adherents may have been thought of as eco-warriors intent on saving the earth, the Passive House technique is no longer on the fringes of residential buildings. In fact, driven by strict energy codes, the practice is on track to become commonplace in some parts of the country like California, which faces a residential net-zero mandate in 2020.

The article features the Madison Passive House; designed and built by the award winning Artisan Group, the project embraces its established Olympia, WA neighborhood through a welcoming and sustainable design.

  • Triple pane energy efficient Zola Windows help provide the health benefits of natural light without overheating or drafty spots in the home.
  • An integrated HRV system continuously provides fresh filtered air and consistent temperatures throughout the home which drastically increases the indoor air quality and comfort.
  • A thoughtful approach to Aging In Place and Universal Design principles.
  • 14” thick exterior walls that are insulated and sealed to keep this home at the peak of energy efficiency.
  • High quality and durable materials mean the home is built to inspire and last.

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