Associate Project Manager

Status: Full Time Exempt (Salaried, no Overtime)
Location: Seattle, WA
Reports to: Lead Project Manager/VP of Operations
Compensation: $50-75,000 (base + commission)

Company Overview: Zola Windows is the leading provider of European windows and doors in North America. Our energy efficient and abundant designs provide architectural freedom and comfort. We pride ourselves in creating value through our commitment to professionalism, technical expertise, and superior service. We make the process of window selection, customization, and installation satisfying and rewarding.

Position Overview:  

• The Associate Project Manager’s responsibilities include efficiently monitoring project progress, following up with stakeholders on the completion or delay of project phases, scheduling meetings, and maintaining project documents and reports.
• An outstanding Associate Project Manager will be able to work effectively as a team player to maintain oversight of all project activities, identify any issues, and ensure these are resolved promptly.
• A successful Associate Project Manager may be promoted to full Project Manager in a full-time, exempt, commissioned sales producing role within 9-18 months based on performance.

• Support the coordination and management of open opportunities (projects) as team mate with Lead Project Manager.
• Track and report on status of open opportunities with assigned Lead Project Manager.
• Follow up with open opportunities to provide multiple, regular, effective touch points to drive interest to culminate in customer’s committing to Zola European Windows as vendor of choice.
• Perform support tasks such as requesting invoices, estimates, scheduling meetings, etc.
• Learn the Zola European Windows product line for windows and doors and serve as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in all configurations and materials including: wood, clad wood, aluminum, and uPVC.
• Learn and execute upon the Zola “quoting” process to provide timely and accurate pricing proposals and revisions for customer designs to support the Lead Project Manager in driving the opportunity to close.
• Execute the “Zola-fy” process to prepare factory pricing quote to present to clients with appropriate branding, currency value; specifically using “PDF Pen” to update logo and product information on quotes.
• Prepare customer facing communication to present updated pricing and design configurations.
• Update CRM software (Salesforce) with current project stage, amount, contact information, etc.
• Research and provide customers with detail sets and installation details as requested.
• Drive brand value by providing “lightening fast” response to customer email inquiries ideally within 30 minutes of receipt and return all phone call inquiries by close of business.
• Provide primary voice for customer support and team coverage to drive opportunities forward while Lead Project Manager is unavailable during time “out of the office” for travel, PTO, illness.
• Support “Showroom Visits” (virtually and in person) to present extensive product line options to potential customers.
• Complete any tasks assigned by the Lead Project Manager in an efficient and timely manner.

NOTES: the scope of the job may change as necessitated by business demands; This Full-time position is designed to work in the Zola Windows Seattle, WA  Showroom with the option to work from home part of the time.

• Bachelor’s degree or higher desired
• Previous experience in project management, sales, or a similar role.
• Proficiency in Apple iWork OfficeSuite, ERP/CRM, and project management software.
• Experience with Salesforce preferred.
• Highly organized and able to multitask.
• Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills.
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
• Able to work independently and as part of a team.
• Interest and/or experience with building, design, passive home construction, energy efficient materials is preferred.

Please email a one page resume to, titled 
"Associate Project Manager - Seattle, WA"