Sanctuary Glass

Our Sanctuary Glass configuration can be used with any of our product lines and has certified third party testing results reaching up to 44 STC and 37 OITC.


Sanctuary Glass reaches superior acoustic performance through a combination of wide spacing between panes, sound absorbing lamination, and thick glass panes in differing widths.  This glazing, combined with our existing tightly sealed and thermally broken window design, ensures that our Sanctuary Glass products deliver not only sound protection but also energy performance and visible transmittance that is unmatched in the market.

Ready to include in any of our lines, our Sanctuary Glass windows will ensure the silence and tranquility you deserve in your home or office. Even if your project is located on the busy block in town or near happening night life in your area, Sanctuary Glass will allow you to focus, relax and isolate yourself from the external din.  With this special glazing package, your office will remain your quiet retreat; your home will forever be your sanctuary.

The importance of a quiet space in today’s bustling world cannot be underestimated. Recent research even links exposure to noise pollution with heart disease, stress, cognitive issues and more.* Our Sanctuary Glass windows will ensure the silence, health and tranquility you deserve in your home or office.

*See the data review and findings in the Journal of the American College

While our Sanctuary Glass can be used in any of our product lines, we have worked with third parties to test and verify performance in a few sample windows.  Our specific results are the following:

  • 44 STC and 37 OITC in our Thermo Clad Sanctuary Glass tilt-turn windows.
  • 44 STC and 35 OITC American Heritage Simulated Double Hung (SDH) Sanctuary Glass tilt-turn windows
  • 40 STCand 35 OITC. Thermo uPVC Sanctuary Glass tilt-turn windows

For more information, see our page on sound control.

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