Zola's No Compromise Passive House Window


Uncompromising projects require an uncompromising window.

The ZNC was born out of Zola's unwavering belief that a passive house window not only boast outstanding thermal performance and be extremely airtight, but should also be made with responibly harvested wood and be available in a myriad of standard finish and color options.  The ZNC offers all of this, and at a price that is highly competitve in the high performance window market to boot.  

The first window on the market to be certified by both Passive House Institute and Passive House Institute U.S. and available with R-15 quad (yes, that's four panes!) glazing.  

The ZNC is the first window to receive both Passive House Institute U.S. and Passive House Institute Germany certification.  

100% FSC-certified wood is standard.  

Spec sheet

PHI Certification

PHIUS Documentation-  Quad Standard, Triple Standard, Trip Low SHGC  

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Standard on the ZNC are German concealed hinges, which continue the sleek style on the inside, also available with marine grade, stainless steel hardware for coastal conditions.

znc passive house window