Sound Control


Your home should be your sanctuary. Our high quality, European-manufactured glass combined with our tightly sealed, solid frames provides a level of sound dampening of outdoor noise pollution that is exceptional on the North American market. Noise mitigation is particularly important in buildings near busy streets or highways, train stations, and airports.Whether you are concerned with minor sound dampening or you live in an urban environment where the highest acoustical performance is required, we are sure to have a glass solution that fits your needs.


Noise levels are measured in decibels (dB). Comfortable sound levels for the human ear are approximately 35 dB in the daytime and 30 dB at night.




Specialized acoustic units are constructed based on the asymmetry of the assembled panes of glass, flexible bonding of the panes, and the use of attenuation gases in the space between the panes.  We offer a wide variety of available glass to suit your needs.


To determine approximate interior sound levels, you can measure your outside level minus your window’s dB rating.


Example: Exterior levels of 70 dB minus a window with a rating of 35 dB would mean that you have an approximate interior dB level of 35.

The difference of merely a few decibels can be very significant to the perceived sound levels for the building’s occupants.  For example, an inside sound level of 40 dB is twice as loud as an inside level of 30 dB.  If you compare our standard 30 dB glass to our 42 dB glass your inside noise levels will be cut in less than half.  Glass that is rated 30 dB reduces the outside sound levels by 87.5%. Glass that is rated at 40 dB reduces outside sound levels by 93.7%.



A large part of Zola’s sound dampening effect is derived from our windows’ exceptional ability to seal (eliminating shortcuts for the sound to travel).  In addition, our standard glass and frames have a high level of sound dampening properties, and we also offer specially designed acoustic units for special circumstances.

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