Zola offers industry-leading performance. The performance values of our Windows and Doors places them in an entirely different class than domestic windows. Consider Energy Star windows, for example. An Energy Star compliant U-value is typically 0.3 (the lower the u-value, the better the performance). Zola's best window, the Zola Arctic, boasts a U-Value of 0.09, insulating more than three times better than an Energy Star window. Even our most economical window, Zola Classic uPVC has a U-value of 0.26, exceeding Energy Star by more than 10%. Zola's Classic (dual-glazed) lines outperform most domestic triple glazed windows while being clearer (high visible light transmittance), more economical, and offering more design flexibility. Zola's Thermo (triple or quadruple glazed) lines boosts energy efficiency by wide margins, creating balanced draft-free comfort. Take a look at our performance values, and consider how we can partner with you to achieve your design goals.

zola performance chart

See the listing of Zola Windows that are Passive House Institute US Certified. For each window listed, you can download a certificate with climate specific recommendations and comprehensive data about the window. You can also download THERM files for each.

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