Lift & Slide Doors

A Revolutionary Door Solution for Wide Uninterrupted Glass Expanses

Available in the PanoramicView, Thermo Alu lines, Thermo Plus Clad, Thermo Clad, Thermo Wood and Thermo uPVC product lines, our Lift & Slide Door is an innovative solution for maximizing views using wide uninterrupted expanses of glass. These doors offer exceptionally high energy performance and superior operability.

The Lift & Slide Door offers:

  • The highest quality hardware, material and fabrication for lasting performance and operation
  • Smooth sliding operation for even the heaviest units
  • Passive House level air-sealing and gasket design
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic performance to match your highest performance needs
  • Extremely large glass panels of 8′ X 11′ each for uninterrupted views, allowing 11′ height and 45′ total width
  • Soundproof glass option up to 47dB
  • Available in all glass corner and pocket door configurations.
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