About This Project

This new home is perched on top of Sunset Boulevard overlooking Boulder, Colorado. Utilizing the footprint of the existing home, this rebuild and second floor addition adds square footage while reducing the homes total energy demand. Built for multiple generations, the home includes separate living spaces for children, parents and grandparents. A rotated second floor plan, cladded with a beetle kill pine rainscreen, is design to optimize southern exposure while capturing flatiron views. A double-stud wall assembly and triple pane Zola European Windows create a super-insulated envelope, powered by a geothermal ground source heat pump and 10 kw PV system. The living floor features a 20’ wide lift and slide system next to a glass wall, providing panoramic views over Boulder and the Flatiron mountain range and a seamless inside / outside living experience with a large terrace.


Residential, Zola Portfolio, Zola Thermo Clad
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