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A beautiful dark red-brown African wood typically used for instruments, boat building and luxury car trim.

Sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum), also called “aboudikro” and sometimes referred to as “African Mahogany” is a large tree native to tropical Africa.  The species typically reaches sizes around 150 feet high and 6 feed in diameter, which allows for long, straight boards.  Sapele is part of the of the African “Redwoods” group that also includes Khaya and Utile. Sapele features an interlocking grain that produces a ribboning structure.  Deep dark red-browns characterize this wood types, which sometimes also exhibits a subtle purple hinge. 

Treasured for its beauty, sapele is used in instruments (guitars, ukuleles, and harps), boat building, and interior trim on luxury vehicles.

Aesthetically, this exotic wood species is revered for its exquisite swirling grain and texture, and rich hues of red and brown.  Functionally,  with a Janka scale hardness of 1,500 for dry material is significantly harder than Mahogany and an excellent choice for extremely long-lasting windows and doors. 

Zola Recommended Finishes: The most durable wood option.  Zola recommends using its proprietary Naked Finish, in order not to mask the natural beauty of the grain and rich colors. 

Zola Recommended :

Recommended for all of Zola’s wood and aluminum clad lines.  Due to the significant cost increases associated with this wood species, Zola recommends this wood selection for projects that are not extremely budget conscious, but appreciate yacht-quality finishes.  use on an entry door for a special accent. 


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