We offer color and hardware options that will compliment the unique style of every project.  

Once you've selected the windows and door types that are right for your project, it's time to make them uniquely your own.  Zola windows and doors are fully customizable- from the color of your aluminum cladding to your quality crafted handles.  

Your base price includes your choice of 22 colors for aluminum cladding.  Additional colors are available at a surcharge.























Zola windows and doors are all fully pre-finished at the factory, which allows us to offer the most durable and long lasting finishes available.   These premium finishes protect the wood from UV rays and other harmful elements and enhance it's natural beauty wood. Choose from 15 stain colors and 300 paint colors.





























We offer European pine, oak, and meranti.  Each wood type has its own unique characteristics and we are certain that you will find one that is right for your project.

We believe that a handle should echo the quality and craftmasnship that has painstakingly gone into the window or door itself.   Your choice of six handle colors are included in your base price.  Should your desire something different, we will work with you to present more options that are available at a surcharge.