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Installation must address several key issues – it shall be structurally sound, watertight, airtight, vapor smart and increase the installed thermal performance of the window.

Installation Resources

Zola Windows team designing a passive house window solution.

Typical Install Details

There are a number of key considerations you’ll want to take into account as you plan and execute your installation.  This guide provides an overview and draws you attention to some major dos and don’ts of European window and door installation.

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For background information on considerations for high-performance window installation, please see these articles that were published in Energy Design Update by Zola’s founder, Swiss-trained architect Florian Speier.

For projects seeking to achieve the highest levels of performance, we generally recommend a center-of-wall installation. In a Passive House, the difference in energy consumption for the entire house with ideally installed windows can easily be 20% lower than for the same house with the same windows that are installed in the common, outside flush, technique.

Part 1 describes how installation is key to maximizing overall building performance and outlines the advantages of center-of-wall placement.

Article begins on page 12. 

Download High-Performance Window Installation: Part 1

Part 2 covers the unique considerations for high-performance window installation including waterproofing, attaching methods, taping, and over-insulation.

Article begins on page 14. 

Download High-Performance Window Installation: Part 2

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Classic Clad

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Request Install Detail Review

Our professional staff, including Certified Passive House Consultant and industry-recognized expert, Florian Speier, will work closely with you as your project nears installation.  We are available to review your install details and provide our comments and suggestions.

This service is included at no additional charge to all Zola customers.

"Zola provides an excellent product and support for the Passive House Community. The best part, they make a daunting process simple. Love the support after installation, this is a sign of a sure winner."

Rick Milburn, Passiv Works

"We have had a terrific experience with Zola Windows. Our latest Passive House project in Santa Fe, NM called for custom color on all windows with one picture window being exceptionally large. The windows arrived on time, on budget and the client loves the color! We highly recommend Zola's on-site service call. Zola sent an technician and with his expertise the windows and exterior doors were set quickly and passed the Blower Door Test with a 0.4 @ 50 Pascal. We highly recommend the product and the company and look forward to working with them more in the future. In our opinion, the price and performance are unbeatable."

Vahid Mojarrab, Wamo Studio

"Beautiful windows, easy to work with, high quality, pleasure installing them in our wall panel system. Thank you for making the install a quick and easy process! It was great to work with Zola (Marc and Florian!) Easy to ask questions, always quick to respond; even through multiple revisions. We really enjoyed the process, and working with you guys. Thank you!"

Dave Levasseur, Bensonwood

Your high-performance windows require a well-planned and executed installation. The Zola team is here to guide you through that.

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